As a first step in the process, each family will meet with a BOOST! team member for a 90-minute intake session. At this meeting, we will ask parents to share all relevant information about their child, discuss present concerns, and family history.

Parent, teacher and other professionals’ evaluations may be a part of this initial consultation, and parents should bring any other reports or evaluations that they think might be helpful.

After the intake meeting, a treatment plan will be established based on the child’s needs.

BOOST! Service Offerings:

  • Individual counseling
  • Family counseling
  • Educational and Psychological Testing and Evaluation
  • Group support – see Kids Boost! Groups
  • Classroom observations and consultation
  • Crisis intervention
  • School staff trainings/workshops
  • IEP/504 Meeting Preparation/Support
  • Comprehensive Reading and Math Evaluations
  • Speech and Language Services

BOOST! may also make referrals to other outside professionals as needed.