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Boost!’s personalized quality of care model is unique in the mental health field. Our team works closely together for families so they can access everything they need in one space. No more running around to various professionals – Boost! will serve as your facilitator and coordinator – ensuring continuity, support and communication for your family.

Boost! is a full-service counseling center located in Westport, CT. Our mission is to offer the best psychotherapy services to families in Fairfield County and to provide whatever is needed to optimize success. By offering individual psychotherapy, family & group therapy, parenting workshops and educational/psychological testing all in one space, our hope is that families will feel supported and comfortable that Boost! can provide everything they need. At Boost! we take an eclectic approach to counseling, utilizing a variety of modalities as appropriate to best meet the needs of our clients.

Named for Our Core Services:

Bolstering cognitive, affective and behavioral processes
Optimizing an individual’s potential to learn and thrive
Organizing family and community support systems
Solidifying social and personal skill sets
Training educators, parents, and other professionals
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