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Parenting Support Program

This program offering is designed to help parents address common feelings that are associated with parenting a child with learning, behavioral, social or emotional challenges and managing the family unit as a whole.

The group is designed to offer a safe, non-judgemental space in which parents can share with others, listen, feel supported, heard and gain some concrete advice on common problems. Group support allows participants:

  • to be less isolated as you work on your issues
  • to realize you’re not alone in your struggles
  • to gain multiple perspectives on issues and how you are seen by others
  • to find an ideal means for practicing and learning new interpersonal behaviors
  • to help others while seeing your own issues differently and to feel you have something to offer others

Although there are no group meetings at the moment, stay tuned, as we hope to get back up and running in 2021.

Groups will be conducted as a roundtable discussion with a clinical facilitator. Topics can be agreed upon before each group or the format can be less structured depending on the wishes/needs of the group. As appropriate, guest speakers can be brought into sessions to address specific topics (e.g. marital discord, sibling issues etc.).
Parents are not required to come to every session but it is encouraged.


$45/per session per parent

Light refreshments will be provided

Confidentiality is required

Photo credit: istockphoto