Boost! Education & Tutoring

To complement our therapeutic services, Boost!, through its partner, PJL Educational Services, offers a full-service tutoring program that offers academic tutoring, standardized test preparation, and executive function coaching to promote academic success for students of all ages. At Boost! Education we support all learning styles, especially those students who are challenged by learning differences and/or social-emotional issues.

The Boost! Team will create an individualized learning plan for each student—taking into account one’s cognitive, social and emotional needs. The individual is then paired with a tutor who is optimally suited to help the student meet his/her targeted goals.

Boost! Education offers a full range of tutoring services designed to help students succeed in and outside of the classroom. We serve children/teens in Grades K through 12 and provide support for college/graduate level academics as needed.

Our services include:

  • Academic Tutoring in all subject areas (K-12, college, and graduate school)
  • Individual AP, ACT, SAT, GRE, GMAT, MCAT, and LSAT test preparation
  • Executive Function Coaching
  • College Essay Support

The Foundations of Boost! Education:

  • Teaching. Our tutors are not only highly accomplished students at, or graduates of, the world’s leading universities. They are also top-tier educators with experience, refined communication skills, and patience. Each tutor strives to teach material rather than solely share tricks or shortcuts.
  • Matching. The process of “matching” a tutor to a student is a crucial part of the tutoring process. At Boost, new clients undergo a personalized consultation process aiming to find a tutor who will teach the necessary subjects and connect with the student on a personal level. With a proper match, Tutors often become mentors to their students and advisors for their families.
  • Flexibility. Boost! does not require clients to pre-arrange and pre-pay for session blocks or schedule any specific amount of tutoring. Additionally, last-minute, day-of tutoring sessions can also be arranged when schedules allow.
  • Attention. Boost! support is open to answer any questions you may have regarding your own experience or the educational area as a whole without charge.
For additional information on Boost! Education services, please contact us at 203-557-8444 or email us at: