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Offering Concierge Services

Offering Concierge Services enable us to provide to you premium services that are personalized for your specific needs and are available on an as-needed basis.

These services include but are not limited to. . .

  • Same-day sessions by telephone and virtual platform
  • Texting services
  • Priority email reply (within 4 hours)
  • Extended hours and weekend appointments
This lends itself to a therapeutic experience that is more convenient, flexible, effective, and above all else, optimized to fit your needs.

Collaborative Care/Case Management: A key element to this service includes time spent collaborating with your other care providers, if you so desire and as required to ensure good communication.

With expertise in leading interdisciplinary teams, your concierge therapist is able to act as a treatment team leader to coordinate care.

For children and families in crisis or with complex needs, this model can be the key to a successful outcome.

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