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Group Programming

Looking to enroll your child in a valuable Fall enrichment program? Boost! has many programs available for kids/teens to support growth, development, and engage youth of all ages:

Socialization Programs

Teaches and practices important skills for social-emotional competency, such as self-actualization, awareness of others, body language, social cues, coping with stressors, active listening skills and more. Meets weekly for 8 weeks.
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School Preparation Groups

Engages kids with fun hands-on group work,teaching valuable study skills to improve academic habits and help kids to get organized. Topics include: organizing your schedule, identifying learning style, taking notes, retaining information, managing paperwork, test-taking, and coping with anxiety. Meets weekly for 4 weeks.

Teen Support Groups

Offers Pre-teens / Teens an opportunity to access emotional support in a safe, nurturing peer group that is facilitated by a Masters-level Therapist. Resiliency training provided on topics such as: positive communication, setting appropriate boundaries, resolving conflict, accessing adult support and self-esteem.Meets weekly for 8 weeks.
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