Here is some of what clients have to say about BOOST! Services:

“Boost has really helped and supported me in the year and a half that I have been there. I started my journey by seeing a therapist, Sue. She helped me learn not only how to solve my own problems, but to understand who I am as a person. A year into my therapy, I began to see a tutor, Stacy. She has helped me to excel in my schoolwork and to become a much more organized and orderly student. Thanks so much, Boost!”

“I knew that John was slightly different when he was about 3 years old. But he wasn’t different enough to raise major flags of concern at school. Working closely with Susan Krauss, we developed a program for John that included a social skill development curriculum. Susan worked as my advocate with our school to ensure that John would get the support he needed to address attention, focus and social skill delays while simultaneously extending the curriculum in areas where he was advanced, to keep him engaged. John is almost 7 now and is an academic star in his class. But more importantly he has wonderful friends, and is a confident and happy child. Our work under Susan’s careful direction significantly changed the path forward for our son.”  

“Bringing our 10-year old son to Boost was a game changer. Their team approach helped us to determine exactly what was needed to reduce his anxiety, build his self-esteem, and gain a better understanding of his academic needs. Through educational testing, psychotherapy,  and tutoring, we have seen tremendous progress in school and across various social settings.

“Our family began working with Sue Sirlin to help better manage our son’s impulse control and frustration tolerances. Following our initial parent consultation, Sue began meeting with our son and we quickly noticed a difference in his behavior.  Her knowledge, patience, and calm demeanor immediately put us all at ease and she quickly built an important environment of trust and comfort for our son. Sue has a wide range of techniques and variety of suggestions that make it easier to find the perfect complement for “at home” therapy also. Her dedication and caring nature are so appreciated, and are evident in the incredibly quick turnaround with our son.” 

“I noticed my son started to have difficulty cultivating relationships with his peers in third grade. I did not know what to do other than speak to his teachers who told me it was just “third grade growing pains.” A friend told me about BOOST! and I skeptically called. I worked directly with Susan Krauss. She was able to pinpoint his struggles, not only to me, but in a way that my 8-year-old son was able to understand. Within a month of attending 1-1 sessions and a group, I noticed a significant change in his attitude. I am so grateful for her direction and for helping us to make our problems more manageable to address.”

“Sue is very warm and connected with my child immediately.  She takes a loving approach and is genuinely interested in each member of our family. After meeting with my child for the first time, Sue implemented a clear plan and provided me with resources to implement the plan at home, which she continues to do. Since my child has been seeing her, my child has become happier and more confident.  We look forward to continuing to work with her.”

“In one ear and out the other” is an expression that is meant to be humorous. But when it describes your own child’s behavior exactly, it is not funny at all. Teachers and administrators did not know what to do with Kate and no single condition seemed to fit her behavior. Susan’s recommendations were tailored to get to the bottom of our situation. She referred us for a series of tests which picked up on an auditory processing disorder and the interventions recommended by Susan have had a tremendous impact on our lives.

After our initial meeting with school we felt helpless and alone. No one we spoke to really seemed to understand what we were trying to overcome until we met Susan Krauss. Suddenly our school team had a new leader. She conducted school observations, and recommended a number of accommodations to Kate’s teacher. We also enrolled Kate in Susan’s social skills program and have seen great improvements already. We will definitely rely on Susan’s advice going forward.”